Is There Surgery For Cutis Verticis Gyrata?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was wondering if you have and do perform surgery on cutis verticis gyrata. If so I was wondering some of the details and and maybe some idea of the length and width of a post op scar.

A: I have performed surgery on this exact scalp condition in the past and can make the following comments about it.

Cutis verticis gyrate (CVG) is a most unusual although not rare scalp condition of which its cause is unknown. But how it presents with ridges and creases is well known and that the scalp tissue thickens to create it. Treatment options are very limited with the most common approach in limited scalp areas of excision. This may be satisfactory if the rolls are limited to the back of the scalp in a horizontal orientation. But for many cases of cutis verticis gyrata the scarring is likely prohibitive. A more innovative approach is the use of subcision (release) of the creases combined with fat injections. This ‘scarless’ approach has no real downside other than its effectiveness and would be the preferred approach in larger areas of scalp involvement in which excision is not an option.

I would need to see some pictures of your scalp CVG to see which, if any treatment options, may be worthwhile for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana