Is There Any Cure For Black Market Butt Injections?

Q: Dr. Eppley, If ever you need a guinea pig for studies in regards to the use of liposuction and fat transfer for treating deformities from black market butt injections, please contact me. Sadly, I was one of the many young, naive, stupid girls (1000’s from what I now know from doing so much research) whom underwent this black market procedure of silicone (now don’t know what it really was, but the devil was calling and I fell to his vanity trap and oh boy am I paying for it now) butt injections which has completely ruined my life. I am consumed with anxiety, depression and regrets for my ignorant, immature and impulsive decision for trying to look better to be able to compete with other women for attention that I wasn’t getting at home after losing 80 lbs. I have become not only unhappy but overwhelmed at what my life has become over some very stupid decisions. I am only reaching out because I want to know what the average cost is for this procedure, but also to tell you that there are so many women on forums that are seeking help from professionals, willing to pay thousands because they have the money, but doctors say there are no procedures to help us.

Black Market Butt Injection TreatmentsA: The problem of deformity and hardness from the scar and granulomatous reactions from black market butt injections of silicone and other unknown substances is a difficult problem for which there are no certain cures. But the use of liposuction and fat injections is one potential treatment option that has some biologic merit. While the injected material can not be substantially removed, breaking up the scar tissues using liposuction cannulas and then introducing fat may create a softening effect while maintaining volume. One has to have enough fat to harvest to do the procedure but not to the volume that would be needed in a traditional buttock augmentation procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana