Is There A Plastic Surgery Procedure To Lower Eyebrows?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, My teenage daughter was born with a hairy giant nevus in her scalp. It required three procedures of subtotal removals before it was completely gone between the ages of two to four years of age. While the scars from the removal procedu Smart Sales Blueprint res are largely hidden in her scalp, it has resulted in one of her eyebrows being much higher than the other. She is now a teenager and her eyebrow asymmetry is of understandable source of concern and embarrassment for her. I  am looking into seeing if some plastic surgery procedure can be done getting her left eyebrow lowered to match her right eyebrow. Do you have any suggestions for how this may be done?

A: Eyebrow over-elevation can be a common sequelae from nevus excision of the scalp or forehead. It is obviously the result of either the scalp resection or actual forehead skin removed as part of the nevus excision. Thus the eyebrow malposition is because there is a forehead tissue deficiency. It is unlikely therefore that the eyebrow can be lowered by a ‘simple’ forehead and scalp tissue loosening, a reverse endoscopic browlift so to speak. The most successful and likely only effective procedure is to create more forehead skin or loosening through tissue expansion, thus allowing the eyebrow to move downward. Unlike eyebrow elevation through standard browlift techniques, eyebrow lowering is a much bigger challenge. 

I would need to see a picture of eyebrows and forehead to determine what may be possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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