Is There A Non-Surgical Treatment For Lipomas?

Q: I have a lipoma of size 4″ on my back shoulder which happens to be most common place for a lipoma for many apparently. I want to be cured non-surgical way. I can travel to your location if needed. I heard about Lipostabil treating lipomas. Is it something I should consider? Please advise.

A: The standard method of a lipoma removal is complete surgical excision. While this is the proven medical method, it will result in a scar in the shoulder area. Scars in that area are very prone to becoming hypertrophic and red, although not all will. The use of a chemical injection (Lipostabil in Europe, generic name of Lipodissolve or mesotherapy in the U.S) to treat lipomas is not new. I have injected quite a few lipomas in the last five years for patients who did not want surgery. I have made the following observations about this treatment method. Lipodisolve injections have always made a visible reduction in their size. In some patients it has been a cure but some regrowth is possible if all the fat tumor cells are not adequately treated. It will take at least two and sometimes three injection sessions, spaced a month apart, to get the maximal response. There is some swelling and mild discomfort of the injection site for a week after treatment but it is in no way physically limiting.

While Lipodissolve injections can be effective, it is important to realize that neither the compounds used nor their use in lipoma treatments are FDA-approved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana