Is There A Lesser Form of Orbital Box Osteotomies for a 3 to 4mm Change?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I‘m very insecure about my eyes, especially the eye distance because they are just too close to each other. My interpupillary distance right now is 61mm which is not the worst I guess, but with my relatively large face width which is around 142mm and also long mid face, it just looks weird. So my question is if there is/are any procedure/s which could make my interpupillary distance a few millimeters (like 3-4mm, at least 2mm) bigger? I’ve already heard of orbital box osteotomy, tho I believe the regular one is just for extreme cases, but is there maybe an easier modification of OBO to solve my problem? Or anything completely different? (like maybe moving the eyeball a bit within the eye socket (if that’s even possible) or making the eyes wider or just reduce the facial width and mid face)

I would be very happy to receive an experts opinion on this and thank you for your time already.

A: There are no ‘lesser’ orbital box osteotomy procedures. And for a 3 to 4mms change that is faf too extreme surgery. You will have to focus on changing facial areas below the eyes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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