Is There A High Risk Of Infection For Soft Tissue Jaw Angle Implants To Treat Masseteric Muscle Dehsicence?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I also had a few practical and technical questions about soft tissue jaw angle implants to treat masseteric muscle dehiscence:

1 – Once I commit to the surgery, how long does the planning process take leading up to the operation date? (I.e. will I need new 3d CT scans) 

2 – After the surgery, how acute is the swelling compared to the jaw angle surgery, and how long until the soft implant is stable? (wondering how much social downtime would be need\ed, and when I could resume contact sports afterwards)  

3 – Is there significant risk with the external incisions of the soft tissue implant becoming infected (i.e. compared to the jaw angle implants), and is there additional risk that the already placed jaw angle implants could become infected as a result of the new soft tissue implants?

A: In answer to your questions:

1) Soft tissue jaw angle implants are done based on external measurements of the soft tissue defect (draw on yourself the triangular shaped contour defect and then measure the three sides of the triangle on each side) and are then converted into a computer design from which the implants are made. A CT scan is not required as it does not see soft tissue in 3D.

2) Unlike the original surgery this is very minor with a quick social recovery. (a week or less)

3) External incisions and implant placements are not associated with the same infectivity risks of placing large implants intraorally.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana