Is There A Fee For Revision of Plastic Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been considering getting cheek implants for a while now. I understand that one of the risks associated with them is asymmetry and I was wondering, what is your stance on revision surgery should it be required? I understand that the OR and anesthesiologist's fees will still be payable by me, but do you still charge your surgical fee or will it be waived/subsidized for your patients? I ask this because my financial resources are limited, and I would just like to be prepared for any financial contingencies should it be required.

A: Your question is a vey thoughtful and forward thinking one that every patient should get clarified before they have surgery. You are correct in asssuming that in most cases my professional fee for revisional surgery is waived or dramatically reduced but the OR and anesthesia costs are still borne by the patient. It is important to clarify what constitutes a revisional procedure also. If there is a problem induced by the execution of the surgery, such as infection, asymmetry, malposition or other implant placement issues, then that would constitute such professional fee reductions/eliminations. If a patient desires additional improvement/enhancement on an already acceptable result (particularly months to years later), then that may modify this revisional fee consideration.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana