Is There A Chin Implant That Has This Specific Shape?

Q: Dr. Eppley, would there be a chin implant which would be wider at the sides while still keeping a more V shape? As you can see from the photos attached I have quite a V shaped face but lack definition around my chin and into my jawline. Would an anatomical implant help with that? I did see the pre jowl chin implant but i’m not sure if that would make my face too boxy or would actually help with the definition. I don’t want to change my chin shape too much only want the same shape slightly bigger. I’m probably only wanting 3mm of projection forwards while increasing the width of my face chin slightly to improve my side profile. If a chin implant would not help with this could you recommend what you think would improve it.

A:If the required dimensional chin changes are to maintain a v-shaped chin shape that is wider at the sides, no standard chin implant really accomplishes that type of change. An anatomical chin implant only add projection at the front of the chin and that is a round implant…clearly not the type of change you are seeking.  A prejowl implant adds a little width to the sides but has no projection. The only one that remotely comes close would be a chin-prejowl implant but its basic shape would need to  be modified because it is a round implant not a V-shaped one. Ideally the best approach to addressing those type of chin changes is a custom chin implant which can be made to fulfill those exact dimensional changes and also havhe a design that flows into the jawline naturally.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana