Is The Young Male Model Face Makeover for Me?

Q: I am 22 year old male who is seeking multiple procedures because I really do have numerous facial structures that need improvement as clearly evident in my pictures (attached).  My concerns and procedure desires are as follows:

1. Rhinoplasty: I’d like nasal hump reduction, narrowing of wide nasal bridge, and nasal tip contouring. I’d like my nasal tip to be more forward and slightly downward projecting.. I believe forward projection of my nasal tip will make it slightly pointed and thus give my nose a forward direction (rather than being bulbous and appearing as if it is just sitting on my face without direction). Also, all the parts of my nasal tip (i.e. the middle part and two sides) are curvy, and I believe increasing forward projection of my nose will stretch and thus straighten out all the curvy parts (For your reference, the vision I have for my nose is reflected in the nose of David Duchovny, the actor.)

2. Septoplasty: I’ve severely deviated & tortuous nasal septum that is almost completely obstructing airflow in my left nostril and also causing my nasal tip to be asymmetric and bulbous.

3. Lip enhancement: As evident in the picture, my upper lip is feminine-like because most of the visible lipular (pink) tissue is in the central part of the upper lip and sides have almost no visible lipular tissue. I’d like my upper lip to have even visibility of the lipular tissue.

4. Lip reduction: Also evident in the picture, my lower lip is quite large and droopy/bulky and I’d like to reduce it perhaps by at least 50 percent.

5. Chin and jaw/jawline implants: Also evident in the pictures, my jaw is really small in all dimensions. I’d like big chin implant and other jaw implants to increase the vertical height and width of the jaw in order to have more masculine look.

6. Buccal lipectomy: I also feel that I’ve lot of fat on my cheek bones that is more evident when I smile. I’d like to remove this and possibly place cheek implant for more masculine look.

7. Zygomatic arch reduction: At last, my zygomatic arches are curved (rather than straight, which is Caucasian feature) giving my face broad and round appearance. Jaw implants would help balance this by widening my lower-face so it matches my wide mid-face, but I’d like to explore possibility of reducing my zygomatic arches.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. In many ways, what you are really after is what I call the ‘male model face makeover’. You are trying to structurally change your face to be more and attractive and masculine. By definition, this involves numerous combined facial procedures. I have done some imaging and will answer your numbered comments as follows:

1) Septal and Rhinoplasty surgery is done together and is known as a Septorhinoplasty. The concepts of lowering the dorsal hump and narrowing the tip and nasal bones are standard. Your concept of lengthening the nasal tip and bringing it down is not how the tip becomes more refined and is not the movement you want the tip to go. The tip is narrowed and defined by how I change the shape of the tip cartilages. If anything, the tip is already too long and down too low. It actually needs to be slightly shortened and lifted to have more of a defined narrow tip. Also, it is not a good idea to use other people’s noses as targets. You have a completely different anatomy than that mentioned person (your skin is much thicker and your cartilages are much bigger) and you can not get that nose. You can only work with and modify what you naturally have, not make it look like someone’ elses nose.

2) Septal straightening and turbinate reduction is done at the same time as the rhinioplasty.

3) You would benefit by a subnasal lip lift to create more vermilion show but that can not be done at the same time as an open rhinoplasty.

4) Your lower lip can not be reduced as much as 50%, that is not realistic. Perhaps 10% – 30% reduction can be achieved.

5) A square chin implant and inferolateral jaw angle implants will make your jaw and lower face more balanced o your upper face.

6) Small cheek implants will a buccal lipectomy will enhance your cheeks. These are very difficult to image so those results can not be visually predicted very well.

7) I would leave your zygomatic arches alone. They are fine and only look big because of the smaller size of your lower face.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana