Is the Style II Square Chin Implant A Good Choice For My Chin Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My main chin augmentation goal is increased width, with some minor increased horizontal projection, and little to no vertical increase. I’m now leaning towards a Terino Square Style II (size small). From what I gather, the dimensions for that specific implant would be 4cm in width across the chin, a total of 7.8cm in width along the chin and jawline (thanks to the wings), and 4.7mm of horizontal projection.  Do I have this correct?

A: I find both style 1 and II square chin implants very aesthetically unsatisfactory. They were designed 30 years ago and custom implant designing has taught me how poorly designed they are by comparison. Neither make the chin more square in appearance as the corners are very round. Style II is way too wide as no patient ever needs 40mms in width, 35mm is usually the maximum. They are too skinny in height and end up looking like a rail across the front of the chin. The back wings of the implant for unknown reasons are tilted upwards rather than continuing with the shape of the jawline going posteriorly. When ‘forced’ to use them I choose a more projecting implant and cut off the front edge to make it more square as well as trim off the top part of wings to keep them from going too high along the jawline.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana