Is The Risk Of Infection Greater When Placing Jaw Angle Implants In Someone Who Has Had Jaw Angle Reduction Previously?

Q: Dr. Eppley, You have some great results for jaw augmentation! For the man pictured below, what biomaterial did you insert and were they custom made implants? If not, what kind and shape of implants did you use? And how many mm width and length? My facial shape is somewhat similar to the man below after a botched jaw reduction surgery. By the way, since there is bone erosion over time with these kind of implants, I was wondering if this will be more of an issue since I had my outer bone removed, leaving the marrow or softer bone inside exposed. Also, since my softer bone is exposed, would there be higher chances of infection?

A: Those are preformed lateral augmentation silicone jaw angle implants. Although in someone with missing angles from a jaw reduction, you may be better off with an inferolateral style (Medpor) which is better at creating a more defined jaw angle. Otherwise, I am not aware that there is any bony erosion with jaw angle implants. I have removed many from other surgeons over the years and have never seen that issue. Having had jaw angle reduction previously, this does not increase your risk of infection or difficulty with jaw angle implant placement in my experience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana