Is the ‘Male Model Look’ Possible With Chin And Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a few questions regarding the chin and jaw angle implant procedure. I know you are very busy as a surgeon but if you had a few minutes of free time, I would appreciate it if you could answer some questions before our consultation.  It would probably save time for both of us as well.  Regarding the Mandible Jaw Implants, I’ve been researching online that this procedure is riskier than chin implants and that they tend to have a higher rejection rate. I’ve also read that they require a very skilled surgeon who has a lot of experience with this procedure. I’m sure you can understand my concerns, so here are my questions:

1)  How many mandible/jaw implants (NOT just chin implants) have you done in the past?

2)  How often does infection occur with jaw implants and how often do patients request to have them removed (either from infection or dissatisfaction)?

3)  I’m looking for that “Chiseled Look”, or angular looking jawline which you see on many famous actors or male models – not necessarily a massive or fat looking jaw – but a defined/contoured jawline.  Assuming one has a low body fat percentage, is this look possible with a jaw and chin implant?  Also, will the jaw/chin implants look natural in that they look contoured to the face rather than just a large mass hanging from your lower face?

4)  How long does recovery take for both a Chin and Mandible Jaw Implant procedure? I’m starting a new job soon so I’m probably going to give myself 2 weeks in between leaving from my current position and the start date for the new job.  Would 2 weeks be enough time?  It wouldn’t make the best first impression to walk into my new job on the first day and have a swollen jaw, haha.

5)  Are the Mandible Jaw Implants customized for different size faces or are they “One-Size-Fits-All” ?  I noticed some doctors use customized ones and some use standard implants.  Is there a major difference in looks between the two types?

6) Finally, I noticed there are not a lot of Before and After pictures of jaw implants on the internet.  Is this because the results don’t turn out good or it because its just not a common procedure?  Would it be possible to see some of your jaw implant work during our consultation? 

A: In answer to your questions:

  1. I have performed over 100 standard or custom jaw angle and jawline implants. (and many more chin implants) You are correct in that it is a harder facial implant procedure to do and is not a mainstream facial implant procedure done by a large number of surgeons.
  2. The infection risk with jaw angle implants is not higher than any other facial implant although the material of which they are made can affect that risk. (Medpor has higehr risk than silicone) Expect a 10% to 15% risk of revision which is usually for asymmetry or unhappiness with the size. (too big or too small)
  3. The only male patients that can achieve a ‘chiseled’ look or a male model look are those men that have a lean face where changes in the skeletal contours are most easily seen. With today’s implant shapes and designs there is no such result as the implant looking like it is ‘hanging from the bone’.
  4. Two weeks is really not enough time to recover from a facial appearance standpoint. Three weeks is more realistic.
  5. Both standard off-the-shelf implants as well as the option to customize them are available. Which approach a patient takes depends on their aesthetic needs and their budget.
  6. Since few plastic surgeons do this kind of facial work, it is hard to find many examples of results. My work is fully reviewable on my website at under the patient photo section.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana