Is the Gummy Bear Breast Implant the Best For Breast Augmentation?

Q: I have been researching getting breast implants for some time. I know the differences between saline and silicone types of implants but am confused about these ‘gummy bear’ implants. I know it is some form of silicone but it is the best type of implant to get? Why is it different and are there any known problems with it? Is it the best type of breast implant to have?

A: The first thing to appreciate is that there are numerous type of breast implants from which to choose. They all will work and are FDA-approved with the exception of the gummy bear implant to which you refer. It has yet to be shown that there is one type of breast implant that is superior to any of the others. They all have some advantages and disadvantages and each woman has to weigh out those implant differences to determine what is the best breast implant for them. If there was one specific type of breast implant that was definitely superior that would be the only one that I would be using in my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice.

The gummy bear implant is a different type of silicone that is more firm than regular cohesive silicone gel. Hence the name gummy bear as it resembles this consistency. It is a textured anatomic implant that remains under clinical trials through the sponsoring company Allergan. It has not received FDA-approval as of yet. Because of its textured surface and its more form consistency, it must be placed through a larger lower breast fold incision than would be used for either saline or cohesive gel breast implants. Whether its added firmness is an advantage in cosmetic breast augmentation is a matter of debate. Its physical properties seem to offer advantages in breast reconstruction where the breast tissue may be thinner and more prone to contracture deformity. Gummy bear implants can and do ‘fracture’, requiring removal and replacement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana