Is Smartlipo The Best Treatment For Gynecomastia?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 31 year-old male interested in chest reshaping. I have large man boob and pointy tits. I am specifically interested in the SmartLipo or VaserLipo male breast reduction. How many surgeries have been performed? Do you offer a consultation by video chat? It’s a pretty long drive to come into the office for a simple consultation.

A: I routinuely do Skype consultations for far away patients, or even patients locally, to make talking to a plastic surgeon as asy as from your own home. I will have my assistant contact you to schedule a convenient time for a Skype consultation. It would be helpful to have you send me some pictures of your chest so I can determine what the best option may be. Smartlipo my be it but that is not an assured treatment if you have ‘pointy tits’ and large man boobs, which suggests that there may be a significant glandular component to your gynecomastia. It may need to be combined with open excision as well. Gynecomastia is a surgery that I regularly perform for men who range with gynecomastia problems from the puffy nipple to actual large breasts. There is no one single treatment method that works for every gynecomastia problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana