Is Skull Reduction Surgery Dangerous?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am searching for a surgery of skull reduction and i know that you are able to do surgeries such as reduction as well as implants. My question is will there be side effects like headaches or any other un expected side effects that might come by time  in future like 5 to 10 years as well as the back part of head (occipital) has to do with nerves that can cause serious problems and will a neurosurgeon doctor in surgery … I want to do the surgery but I am really scared because alot of doctors told me that a small mistake can cause death or it can make you never walk again and also doctors keep saying that its a really dangerous procedure and as well that one doctor told me by time like 5 to 10 years you might be mentally disabled and have Alzheimer’s disease … what is really important to me is whether it will affect my nerves or press on my brain in the future. What I really care about is that i want to be normal as I am now with just a better head shape so i can continue following my dreams in sport.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. It is important to realize that aesthetic skull reshaping surgery is an extra cranial procedure, not an intracranial one. Thus none of the adverse side effects to which you or other doctors have mentioned will occur. The biggest challenge with aesthetic skull reshaping surgery is to try and achieve the aesthetic outcomes that the patients seek.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana