Is My Plagiocephaly Severe and Does It Need To Be Treated?

Dr. Eppley, I have some type of plagiocephaly. The right side of the back of my head is flatter and weirder looking than the other side, and my face bulges out on the right side. I have included pictures, and want to know if its anything severe. What my goal is, is for my head to be how it would’ve looked if I didn’t have the disorder. If being able to make my face look normal is an option that would be of best interest. Thank you so much!

A:Like most plagiocephalic patients the flatter back of the head side is also associated with a right facial protrusion. These are aesthetic issues so the severity of them and the desire to treat them is based solely on how much they bother the patient and what they are willing to go through to correct it. Most plagiocephaly patients that do so focus on augmenting the flatter back of the head and occasionally some reduction of the protruding ipsilateral face. Without a completely straight on facial picture I can not speak as to what may benefit your face.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana