Is My Face Thin Enough That Jaw Angle Implants Will Make For A Very Angular Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My question is about jaw angle implants and tissue thickness. In previous blogs regarding questions about very angular jaw implants (medpor) vs standard silicone implants, you wrote that the medpor can indeed achieve a very sharp, angular, V-shaped jaw, but then you cautioned that SOME men will never be able to achieve this look because they have very thick tissues. My question is this: Normally, I have pretty normal jaw angularity. BUT when I clench my teeth together my jaw slightly widens and becomes VERY angular, V-shaped, and chiseled. Does this prove that my tissues are not overly thick, and that the right implant will succeed at achieving a very angular look?

A: What you are demonstrating is masseteric muscle contraction and the outline of the muscle fibers not the bony angle per se. But what that shows is that the overlying subcutaneous fat layer is thin enough so that the muscle outlines can be seen through the skin. That would be a favorable sign for being able to have jaw angle implants placed on the bone whose shape and angularity will be visibly evident through the external skin.

Dr. Barry Eppley