Is Micropigmentation A Good Method Of Hiding A Scar?

Q: Dr. Eppley, This is a micropigmentation inquiry. I have a rather pronounced scar of 3 to 4mm width above the left eye, in the middle of my forehead, from a car accident many years ago. Will micropigmentation be effective in hiding the scar? Will the sun still reveal it if the skin around it tans? Thanks.

A: As a general rule, tattooing a scar is almost never a good technique for scar camouflage. It is very difficult, if not close to impossible, to match the surrounding skin color with any implantable pigments. It would always appear different in color to that of the skin and risks actually making the scar more noticeable. Tattoo pigments are also not very stable and are probe to fading and needing re-treatment. Lastly, as you have pointed out, the skin around the scar will tan and the tattooed scar will not creating a noticeable color mismatch. For these reasons, you need to think more about excisional scar revision as it will narrow the scar and bring naturally-colored skin that will tan closer together.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana