Is Male Liposuction Successful?

Q: Dr. Eppley, After our liposuction consultation last week, I have a few more questions to help me decide about the surgery. (abdominal and flank liposuction) 1. What will be expected for time of discomfort and movement restriction? 2. What are possible complications after Liposuction ? 3. Can you help me with your past customers (males) experiences and were they satisfied with the outcome considering the cost and rehab? I realize that everyone is different, but just need some case history with men similar to my build. 4. Will I be a sleep during the procedure? Thank you.

A: In answer to your liposuction questions:

  1. While I do not place any liposuction patient on any after surgery restrictions, there will certainly be some. The most discomfort of course would be in the first few days but you will remain sore for weeks. It probably takes 2 to 3 weeks to begin moving close to normal again.
  2. The most common complications after liposuction are aesthetic in nature, symmetry of the reduction and how well the skin will lay back down. Men generally have few skin irregularity issues because their skin is thicker and has never been stretched by pregnancy.
  3. I think every male liposuction patient I have ever done has been largely satisfied..but the time to ask them is months later when they have fully recovered. Male liposuction of the body almost always is that of the abdomen and flanks (waistline) and often it is near circumferential. It is a tough aesthetic surgery for most men (depending on the size of the problem) but it can achieve a major change in stomach and waistline contours that can be otherwise hard to achieve.
  4. This is a procedure that can only be done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana