Is Liposuction A Good Alternative To A Tummy Tuck?

Q:  Dr. Eppley My problem is that I look pregnant even though I am not. I was very athletic until  I went through three pregnancies and never had time to get back to exercise between them. My underlying stomach muscles feel tight and I can suck in my stomach but there still remains a pouch. If I wear tight clothes it hides it but otherwise it just sticks right out.  I’ve had a c-section but I do not want a tummy tuck because of the scar. Would liposuction help reduce the size of this pouch? Thank you in advance as I would value your opinion.

A: If any form of a tummy tuck is not acceptable, the question then becomes how much of a difference liposuction can make. No plastic surgeon can say for sure without at least seeing some pictures of you. But knowing that you have had three pregnancies spaced fairly close together suggests that the quality of your skin may not be good. (poor elasticity) This is  relevant in that as the fat is removed what will happen to your abdominal skin. If your pouch is less but your skin sags and hangs worse, you may not consider that a good aesthetic trade-off. Liposuction is always an option as an alternative to a tummy tuck, the question is whether it is a good one. Not all fat reductions necessarily make the body part better looking even though it may be smaller.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana