Is It Safe To Have A Sliding Genioplasty and Jaw Angle Implants At The Same Time?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have a short face length with a small/narrow lower jaw. From the profile view my face looks even shorter because of my short forehead and short jaw. Could jaw implants fill out my lower jaw and make my lower/overall face look ‘bigger’? I’ve already had a chin implant, but it didn’t do much for vertical length. My plastic surgeon says a sliding genioplasty wouldn’t look good.  Should I get a second opinion? Is it safe to get a sliding genioplasty and jaw implants at the same time?  Thank you for your time.

A:  The right style of jaw angle implants will vertically lengthen the posterior face. But the wrong style of jaw angle implant will only make it wider (fatter) and not longer.

Chin implants will not provide any vertical length, just horizontal projection. No stock chin implants are made for vertical chin elongation.

The statement that a sliding genioplasty won’t look good is a nonsensical opinion. A sliding genioplasty is the only option to provide vertical chin lengthening or lengthening of the anterior face. Just because a surgeon can’t do an osteotomy doesn’t mean it won’t look good or be a good choice for a particular patient.

It is common in my experience to do jaw angle implants with a chin osteotomy and/or an implant. They are often needed together to create an overall change in jaw shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana