Is It Possible To Reduce The Size Of My Forehead?

Q: Is it possible to reduce the size of my forehead? I do not mean lowering the hairline, because my hairline is already low. My forehead is vertical and almost seems as if I do not even have a forehead to begin with. The shape of my head is very strange. As most people’s head is round or square. My head is like the roof of a house, being pointed at the top making a sort of 60 degree angle. I can feel and hear my head always cracking as if its not stable or solid. I am also not sure it bone can be molded or change shape but I have been able to compress my head through pressure. Very very painful but I was desperate. With a 30 minute span however, it would return back to its original shape. I most know if there is some way to mold my cranium to a rounded shape?

A: First of all, you should now that it is not possible to reshape your skull bone by any form of external pressure, except in newborns where the skull plates are not yet fused. All you are doing by external compression is squeezing the fluid out of your soft tissues overlying the bone. Once released, the fluid returns and your ‘skull’ reverts back to its original shape. I can assure you that your skull is solid and is not ‘cracking’.

It is possible to do some forehead reshaping through an open scalp approach. The bone can be reduced and shaped by about 5 to 6mms, maybe more, in some patients depending upon the thickness of their outer cortical table. This may be enough of a change for some patients to notice a visible difference.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana