Is It Possible To Reduce My Forehead Bumps?

Q: Dr. Eppley, is there a way to reduce my forehead size or flatten my forehead? I have some substainal bumps from being tripped when I was 11 years old and they haven’t ever reduced or went down in size. The bumps are not too large on the front part of my forehead. Is that possible?

A: Bony forehead reduction can be done to some degree based on the size of the bone bumps and the thickness of the outer table of the frontal bone. Raised bumps can easily be reduced down to the level of the surrounding forehead. Beyond that about 4 to 5mms of forehead bone can generally be reduced before the diploic space between the outer and inner cranial tables is breached. Depending upon the exact nature of your forehead irregularities it can be very effective or at least offer some contour improvement. Burring reduction of the forehead area can be done through a pretrichial or hairline incision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana