Is It Normal To Be Able To Feel The Implants At The Bottom Of My Breasts After Breast Augmentation?

Q: I had saline breast implants placed two months ago. Today I felt the implant at the bottom of my breasts. When i touch the bottom of my breast I feel the implant itself. I don’t know if this is normal or not?? Please advice.

A: The feeling of saline implants at the bottom of your breasts could be one of two phenomenon. First, it is likely it is completely normal if it is present on both sides. Initially breast implants can be initially high and then they eventually settle lower. Because the implant is only partially covered by the pectoralis muscle (the upper half), the bottom pole of the breast has the implant covered by just skin and whatever breast tissue you had to start with. Since saline implants will usually develop a little rippling in the implant shell, this is most palpable at the bottom and the sides of the breast. This is initially not able to be felt because of the tissue swelling and skin stretching which takes several months to go away. Since you are two months out from surgery, you are exactly in the time frame when this will occur. The other possibility, particularly if it has happened on just one side, is that one of the implants has bottomed out. (dropped too low) You would know this because the breasts would be asymmetric. (unless it has occurred on both sides)  But either way, it would be apparent because the implants look too low. That is a surgical (revisional surgery) problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana