Is Injection Lipolysis Therapy A Good Treatment Option For Lipomas?

Q:  Hi, I wanted to ask you about lipolysis injection treatment in lipomas. I want to ask whether the method of lipolysis is effective over the lipoma. How many sessions are needed? Will I have the desired effect? I want your opinion on this matter… thank you.

A: There is no doubt that the excision of lipomas is standard treeatment because it is more effective and a one-time surgery for that specific lipoma. While there is a trade-off of a scar, it usually is less in size than that of the diameter of the lipoma. But for those who are opposed to excision, injection therapy can be done. But it will take multiple sessions whose number depends on how big the lipoma is. For each cm in lipoma size, there is usually 2 injection sessions. So measure yours and you can do the math to see how many injections sessions might be needed. There is also a higher risk of recurrence with injection therapy because not all of the lipoma, or its attached blood supply, may be completely eradicated.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana