Is An Injectable Filler A Good Short Term Option for A Facial Bone Deficiency?

Q: I have a very asymmetrical jawline and am thinking about having a custom implant formed to the side of my jaw with the deficiency. For the rest of my face, I am hoping to achieve a balanced look, trying to get the best of both sides of my face, without exactly mirroring either side. One side is overly large, the other side is overly small. Both sides are appealing but different, except for the major sallowness to my face in my cheek area due to the smaller jawbone. I only want to have that filled in.

I was hoping to being treated with Radiesse or a facial filler to help even out the side with the deficiency without going through a drastic implant that might take away some of what I like about my face or compromising the way my muscle system has developed. Would it be a possibility to achieve some balance as a short term option?

A: One of the best benefits to injectable fillers is their immediate volume adding effects without having to undergo surgery to get it. For the soft tissue zone below the cheek bones but above the jaw line, only a filler material can add volume. This is not a facial area where a synthetic implant can be effective, there is no underlying bone to push off of.

The downside to facial fillers is that they do not last. And most will not last as long as the manufacturers claim in my experience. For this submalar facial area, good choices can be Juvaderm or Radiesse. One can expect about six to eight months of added volume before it dissipates.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana