Is A Stem Cell Facelift For Real or Is This Just A Gimmick?

Q: I feel like I am ready for a facelift and want to get the best result that I can. In doing my research on the internet, I have come across several recent articles on a procedure called the Stem Cell Facelift. In reading them, they make it seem like it is the best way to go with the best results. But I don’t understand what stem cells have to do with a facelift. Do they help lift the droopy skin or do they make what is already there better. I would like to go to a doctor that does them but I am also worried about whether this is so new that maybe it doesn’t really work that well or it is just some sort of a scam. What is your opinion?

A: The concept of the Stem Cell Facelift is based on two simultaneous techniques, a traditional facelift to lift and tighten loose neck and jowl skin and fat/stem cell injections to add facial volume. The injections are not responsible for any type of skin lifting. They add volume to areas of fat absorption that have happened with age and are purported to help make the skin look better. (which remains far from proven) They may be done together but the fat and the stem cells they contain can not make for any tightening effect on the skin

Is this facelift concept hype or hope. At this point, a little of both in my opinion. The concept is very appealing and the technique uses all natural products from each patient, thus there are no risks involved in doing it. Conversely, whether this facelift approach is better than the traditional proven methods has yet to be adequately studied over the long-term. It may well prove to be an improved method with better results but at this point the promotion of it is ahead of the actual science.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana