Is A Silicone Facial Implant Durable For A Lifetime?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is a silicone facial implant durable for a lifetime? I have heard silicone can erode the bone if attacked from certain sources.

A: In answer to your silicone facial implant questions:

1) Solid silicone is a stable material that can only change physical form at 375 degree F. Otherwise it does not degrade or breakdown.

2) Anything written on solid silicone and bone erosion is inaccurate and biological misinterpreted. All implant materials, anywhere on the face or body, cause what is known as ‘implant imprinting’. This is the relief of the pressure caused by the introduction of an implant as it extends the natural biological boundary of the surrounding tissues. It does this, in the case of chin implants for example, by settling into the bone a bit to relieve the pressure. This causes a natural imprint of the implant on the bone. This is a self-resolving issue that is not inflammatory in nature. It actually occurs with every type of implant material in the face including Medpor, PEEK, titanium etc. I have seen it in all of them.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana