Is A Custom Chin Implant Or Sliding Genioplasty Better To Correct Chin Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, You recently replied to one of my questions on Real Self website. I was inquiring about the feasibility of correcting my lower face asymmetry, particularly my chin, which as you can see is deviated left, off-center, and slightly recessed. You said a custom chin implant would yield better results than a sliding genioplasty. Out of curiosity, what is the price range for a custom chin implant? Will the custom chin implant improve the contour and definition of my right jawline as well? What is the price range for a sliding genioplasty? And will a sliding genioplasty improve the contour and definition of my right jawline? I am very seriously considering getting a procedure done with you because of your reviews and before/after photos so any basic information you can provide regarding my questions will be helpful before I schedule an official consultation.

A: In chin asymmetry in which the patient also desires horizontal augmentation there are two approaches that can be used as you have mentioned, custom chin implant and a sliding genioplasty. If one is just looking at the best result the custom chin implant is superior because the preoperative design can make all of the dimensional changes in a controlled preoperative fashion with an implant that exactly fits the patient’s anatomy. While a sliding genioplasty can also be done, and is the historic procedure for such chin asymmetries/augmentation, it relies on the surgeon’s eye to align the chin and creates bone cuts through the inferior border of the lower jaw on both sides that will be irregular afterwards. While one can place allogeneic bone paste into these genioplasty bone irregularities that is not an assurance they will be perfectly smooth and even.

The only reason to choose a sliding genioplasty over a custom implant, which are perfectly valid, is cost or if one is opposed to the use of implant. But based on aesthetic outcome alone the custom chin implant design is by far the superior approach.

In a chin that is deviated and short almost assuredly the jawline on that side as well is probably underdeveloped. Only a custom implant design can correct that as well, a sliding genioplasty can not.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana