Is A Chin Implant Permanent?

Dr. Eppley, I want to undergo chin implant along with lip reduction . I have some doubt in my mind if the result of the chin implant is permanent and will last for the whole life of a person. Also, I do wrestling . Does it not affect the implant if there is a injury to the chin? If there is a problem will I have to visit the  plastic surgeon or can it be handled by normal doctor?

A: The chin implant is permanent and will never dissolve or degrade it anyway. The position of the chin implant is fairly assured because I secure it to the bone with screws. In young men who participate in sports, I make it a point of emphasis to screw the implant to the bone in multiple places. In the rare event of a chin implant problem due to trauma, a regular doctor will not be of much help. You need to see a plastic surgeon who is familiar with chin implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley