Is A Cartilage Graft Or An Implant Better For An Asian Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in Asian rhinoplasty. May I know what charges and how much time will be spend on it. And what is best option for Asian rhinoplasty, cartilage graft or something else.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. The first place to start is to see some pictures of you and see what your goals are. Even though I likely know what they are, I would like to hear your nasal goals. Secondly, since almost every Asian rhinoplasty involves either dorsal or dorso-columelar augmentation, one has to decide whether one wants it done by cartilage grafting or a synthetic implant. There are advantages and disadvantages with both approaches and that choice significantly affects the time of surgery, cost and recovery. Although an implant rhinoplasty is relatively easy  to go, has a lower cost and a very short recovery, the use of an implant in the nose has a significant incidence of long-term complications including infection, thinning of the overlying skin and implant extrusion. A rib graft in the nose requires more skill to perform, involves a donor site, costs more and has a longer recovery. But once healed, rib grafts become a permanent and natural part of the nose. From my perspective a rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty is always better in the long run but it is involves a bigger commitment up front.

Dr. Barry Eppley