Is A Breast Lift Worth The Scarring?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am a 32 year old female that is considering a breast lift. I actually have fairly large breasts being a 36D and with a bra on they look great. But when the bra comes off they look gross. They hang down like two old ladies. I had one Is It A Good Bad Sign If U See Ur Ex For The Past Week At The Same Time child ten years ago and nursed him and this appears to have put the whammy on their once nice shape. What I want is a more uplifted and better shape. I do not want them any smaller or larger They are the ideal size for my body shape in my opinion. Will a breast lift do what I want and is there bad scarring as a result?

A: Many women suffer from age and child-bearing a skin-breast tissue mismatch. As a result they have good size to their breasts but the stretched out skin gives them a low sagging appearance. While some breast sag is aesthetically acceptable, when the nipple sits below the lower breast fold it is rarely pleasing to anyone. This is exactly the condition where breast lifts work the best, removing excess skin and reshaping the breast so the nipple and the entire breast sits higher on the chest wall…many times back where it used to be. While there are some minimal incision breast lift procedures, they are only effective for the most minimal amounts of breast sagging. Most really effective breast lifts requires longer scars, much of which lies in the lower breast crease. Whether the part of the scar that goes around the nipple and vertically downward toward the lower crease is acceptable will vary amongst different patients. Seeing pictures of breast lift results with close inspection of the scars is critical for you to determine your level of scar tolerance.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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