Injectable Filler Volume and Custom Jawline and Infraorbital-Malar Implants

Dr. Eppley, I currently have been using filler injections (mostly Voluma) to approximate the amount of augmentation I would want if I was to do a full custom jawline implant and infraorbital-malar implant. 

Is it possible for you to get a very rough idea for the amount (millimeters) of jawline and midface enhancement I would like if I was to give you the volume and location of my filler injections?

For instance, the surgeon I went to for filler injected:

About 0.75 syringes of voluma along each cheekbone (had to get a small amount removed as I thought it was a little too much when he used 1 syringe for each cheekbone). The location he injected was high and over zygomatic arch moving forward all the way to infraorbital area, or there about)

About 4 syringes of voluma to the jawline (included the mandibular angles, body, and chin). 

Knowing the above, does this help approximate the amount of volume for implants that I would be looking for?

A: Knowing the volume of filler injected does not provide a useful approximation of how to design custom infraorbital-malar and jawline implants. While the volume injected is not useful, what does count is the facial appearance that has been created. Knowing by pictures what facial look has been achieved, provided it is satisfactory, does help provide a guideline for such implant designs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana