In Chin Implant Removal Can The Long Screw Holding It In Be Successfully Removed A Well?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My surgeon has ordered x-rays, and the radiology clinic will call me next week to schedule those. I wasn’t going to bother you again, but I won’t get a second consultation with him (or really a way to communicate directly with him) until after he has the x-rays, and there’s a question that is causing me to worry and lose sleep. This implant is held by a single screw in the very center of the chin, and it is oriented upward about 30 degrees which should make it very accessible for an intra-oral incision.. However, it is much larger than the screws that normally appear to be used with chin implants. From an older x-ray which I have this screw is estimated to be 17 mm long – about 6 mm through the plastic and 11 mm into the jawbone (no kidding). Will this size make it easier or more difficult to remove the screw? Will the bone recover and refill with this size screw? Changes in the bone have caused the implant to become uncomfortable, and I particularly feel pressure around that screw, so I definitely want it out. So I really want to know if that screw will be an impediment to removal.

Thank you again so much.

A: While such a screw length into the bone was completely unnecessary for implant fixation, its removal should be successful as long as the screw head has not been stripped. But even if it has it can usually be removed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana