Implants for Breast Asymmetry

Q: I have one breast that is quite a bit larger than the other one. I am way too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or even go out with men for more than a couple of weeks. (I don’t let my relationships, go to the next level so to speak, in fear that the guy will totally freak out and embarrass me even more if that is possible because I already feel pretty bad about myself!) Anyway I was wondering if you could enlarge just one of my breasts?

A: While few women have breasts that are perfectly symmetric, congenital or developmental breast asymmetry is another matter. In this condition, one breast is significantly larger than the other often by several cup sizes. In its most severe form, there is a medical condition known as Poland’s syndrome where the breast and the underlying chest muscles on one side fail to develop much at all.

All forms of breast asymmetry can be significantly improved through modern breast surgery methods. In some cases, the smaller breast may be merely enlarged by the placement of a breast implant. In other cases, differential enlargement of the breasts will different implants sizes may be better.

Often times, however, the differences between the breasts is more than just that of volume. The larger or more normal breast will have more skin and a different size and position of the nipple on the breast mound. Optimal correction may require adjustment of the more normal breast as well through a lift or nipple elevation.

 Dr. Barry Eppley