If One Needs 14mms of Horizontal Chin Lengthening What Implant Should Be Used?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My goal is to have a chin that just extends a little further than my lips. 

Would it be possible with the xl Flowers Mandibular Glowe of 14mm or is it best solved with a custom implant? 

I have measured that my chin is short of about 15mm. 

I think these are VCN questions: 

1. Would you in any case recommend the use of an XL Flowers Mandibular Glowe implant with a total horisontal projection of 14mm? Or is it generally better to use a custom implant to adress this amount of horisontal projection? 

2. Also, does the amount of a chin implants horisontal projection translate 1:1 with the actual achieved horisontal projection that is gained once it is inserted?  

A:My general rule is that once the chin deficiency exceeds 10mms a sliding genioplasty is better than a large mass of implant on the chin. But if one wants to use an implant the only standard option is the mandibular style.

  1. It is never an exact 1:1 ratio of bone augmentation to the external softy tissue contour change due to the compressibility of the soft tissues. It is about 0.9:1 change.
  2.  The role of custom facial implants in aesthetic surgery is two-fold; 1) when the aesthetic goals can not be achieved by the use of any standard implant or combination of standard implants and 2) when there is obvious asymmetry of the bone shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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