If I Widen My Head Will That Make My Eyes Look Closer Together?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a small head and face and I want to increase the width of my jaw and mid face. I also want to increase the width of my forehead and temple area as it is very narrow. My concerns have to do with the time it would take to heal and the overall safety and scar. Would I be able to keep my hair short or would scars be visible. I also want it to look somewhat natural. Lastly my concern is that my eye area would look small in proportion to my face if I increase the width of my temple area, unless I can somehow increase the width of my eye area.

A: in answer to your skull augmentation questions:

  1. While the side of the forehead and side of the head can be augmented with custom head widening temporal implants whether that may make your eyes look small can only be determined by looking at these effects with computer imaging. I would need a front view picture to do so.
  2. Skull augmentations like these discussed are perfectly safe and can be done with remarkably minimal scarring with incisions behind the ears.
  3. The recovery from any form of skull augmentation is about the swelling and/or bruising that will result from the surgery. It usually takes ten days or so afterwards to look presentable/normal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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