How Will Scar Revision Improve My Forehead Scar?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am wondering if scar revision can help? I have had this one inch long scar in my eyebrow frown line since I was a toddler. Because of its location it is starting to become more noticeable as I approach 30. I have tried Botox, SmartXide laser, TCA Chemical Peels, and Sciton LaserPeel and not been that satisfied with the results. I was wondering if you thought it could be improved with a revision or dermal filler or if you think it should just be left alone. The indentation is my primary concern vs. the white line color. Looking forward to hearing from you!

A: Given the effort that you have made to improve your forehead scar, it is reasonable to consider surgical scar revision at this point.That scar is perfectly oriented in exactly where vertical glabellar wrinkles develop. That is why it has been getting more noticeable as you age because it probably is deepening slightly with repeated expressive motions. I am not surprised that none of the treatments you have had were successful as the depth of the ‘crease’ is beyond what they can level out. You are correct in assuming that scar revision would be the only successful approach. An injectable filler will lift up the depression as the skin edges are tethered down. A small geometric broken line closure scar revision would both release the scar contracture, elevate the scar and rearrange the skin edges by interdigitation to prevent recurrence.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana