How Well Does Liposuction Work For Hip Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting liposuction. I thought I would never even consider this but times have changed. My main concern is my hips.  I’ve tried for years to lose this area. I am really having a problem finding clothes to fit me due to this problem.  I usually have to buy a size bigger to accommodate my hips, which in turn causes the rest to not fit properly.  So, my need is my hips.  As most women go, I’m sure I could find other areas that I’d like done, but this is what I really need and I emphasize the need to get my hips done.  This is just my personal desire and goal for myself. How well does liposuction work for hip reduction?

A: Usually when patients are referring to the hips, they means an area between the upper waistline and down to the outer thighs. (saddle bags) Whether this is just a small hip roll or a much larger area depends on whom is asking and their body type.That is an area that responds pretty well to liposuction and significant improvement can usually be obtained. Depending upon the size of the hip area, one can usually drop a clothes size which would work out well for you given how you have to buy your clothes now to accomodate your larger hips. The only real complication to hip or thigh liposuction is the potential for contour irregularities or dimpling. As this area often has some degree of cellulite in many women, making it perfectly smooth after surgery may not always be possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana