How Type Of Jawline Surgery Do I Need To Achieve A More Balanced Lower Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I just want a harmonization from my lower face. I think my lower cheeks are too fully and my upper and lower jaw are to small. I feel it because i bite on my tongue and you see on the pics my teeth are going forward.

Additionally i bite really often on the inside of my cheeks

Anyway, i thought to solve this all it is important to go to a specialist. He can see what procedure came with the best results…So maybe you have some good ideas for my problem.

You can see on my pics how it is and how i imagine it.

I would very much look forward to a personal interview!

A: Thank you for sending your imaged/wish pictures. What you are demonstrating is a forward and elongation of your jawline with the jaw thrust maneuver. This can be achieved three different ways aesthetically and only one way functionally. (bite improvement) There are:

1) Orthodontics combined with entire lower jaw advancement (aesthetic and functional improvement) with sagittal split ramus osteotomy.

2) Vertical Lengthening Bony Genioplasty (aesthetic improvement of chin area only, no functional improvement)

3) Chin wing osteotomy (aesthetic improvement of chin and anterior 2/3s of jawline, no functional improvement)

4) Custom jawline implant (aesthetic improvement of entire jawline, no functional improvement)

The key decision points are:

1) do you want the bite improved or can it be left alone as long as the aesthetic objectives are improved?

2) If no change in the bite is acceptable then it becomes a question of whether wants to use only their own bone to achieve the effects or is an implant acceptable?

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana