How Thick Are Temporal Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I need some type of implant to correct my severe case of temporal hollowing. I have looked at some of the available temporal implants that are available but they don’t seem thick enough to me. What type of temporal implants do you use? Do you use the silicone ones or the Medpor ones? What is the most thickness that I can get in a temporal implant?

A: Silicone temporal implants are but one type that I use. The largest commercially available temporal implant, in terms of thickness, is the silicone temporal implant. The largest silicone temporal implants measure 6cms x 4cms with 10mm thickness at one end. That would be more than adequate for the vast majority of patients. It can be quite surprising how ‘small’ an implant may look when holding it your hand and then how much change it actually makes when put in place. I have been surprised many times and have learned with many forms of facial implants that changes can be much more dramatic in place than one thinks, no matter who well one has measured and thought about the defect beforehand.

If one really needs a thicker temporal implant, it can be made through a custom fabrication process. But it is important to remember that subfascial temporal implants can only be so thick or they will be very difficult to fit into the tight space. Much thicker temporal implants need to be placed in a submuscular location which requires a more extensive scalp incisional approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana