How Soon Can I Have My Sliding Genioplasty Revised?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’d like to ask you this question since I read your answer on Real Self regarding a revisional genioplasty immediately post op. 

I had my genioplasty 3 days ago – even at the peak of my swelling I feel I was not advanced enough. My surgeon agreed to advance me more horizontally and vertically in 2 days if I wanted it.

He told me the procedure would be straightforward since the suture has not healed fully, scar tissue has not formed, and the bone does not have to be recut.

My main concern is additional nerve damage – I already have numbness in my bottom teeth post op which I heard is normal. Would a second procedure so soon increase the chances of the nerves not recovering? Also, when he stitches the sutures back up a second time, could this cause issues perhaps?

I think he did a great job otherwise, I just didn’t fully communicate my goals.

Thanks for your expertise.

A: What your surgeon is telling you is accurate in that an immediate secondary genioplasty is a lot easier to perform now than when you are fully healed. This will not increase the risk of the nerve recovery not proceeding like it would have after the first surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana