How Soon Can I Exercise After Getting Custom Pectoral Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about custom pectoral implants:

  1. Do you believe it is safe to work out the pectoral muscles in the gym after having pectoral implants (especially if big), and if so, when can one start chest exercises safely after surgery?
  2. What is the risk of seroma and/or displacement (highly theoretical  or actual risk)
  3. Finally, if the implants are patient specific and made to fit perfectly pectoral muscle, are there any limits as regards to implant thickness i.e., projection? 

A: In answer to your custom pectoral implant questions:

1) Just like breast implants there are no postoperative exercise restrictions once fully healed. Pectoral implants stretch out the muscle between origins and insertions but does not damage these attachments. But I would wait a mont after surgery before doing so.

2) Displacement is a non-issue. Seroma is a low risk issue having seen it only one time in my experience.

3) There is always going to be some limits with implant projection thickness, regardless of the footprint dimensions of the implant, due to the size of the incision to insert it and the stretch of the muscle to accommodate its volume.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon