How Soon After Surgery Should I Remove My Jaw Angle Implants If I Want to?

Q:   Dear Dr. Eppley, I have some asymmetry on the right side of my face due to orthognathic surgery.  I consulted with a Craniofacial surgeon specialist to correct this deformity.  I also asked about getting implants on both sides because of my small mandible.  The surgical plan was to correct the asymmetry on the right side and put in jaw implants on both sides.   The same size jaw implants were used on both sides without correcting the asymmetry.  The drop down on these implants is too much for my face.  I have Medpor implants which were put in about a month ago.  I want to get these removed and just have the deformity corrected.   When is the best time to remove these implants?  Thank you and I looking forward to your reply.

A: The swelling after jaw angle implant surgery can be considerable and it takes longer than a month to really see the final results. At only a month after surgery, I am not sure you can be absolutely certain they are too vertically long. Ideally, one should wait a full 2 to 3 months to be certain you really want to reverse your initial efforts. However, if you are very certain at even this early postoperative time, then you should get the implants out as soon as possible. It is always easier to remove porous implants like Medpor sooner rather than later before extensive tissue ingrowth has occurred.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana