How Soon After Pregnancy Can I Have A Breast Reduction?

Q:  Hello, my name is Mary. I am currently a 36DD and hate them. I have back pain and my ribs hurt. I have trouble finding comfortable bras, and I would much rather be a large B cup or small C cup. I had a baby 6 months ago and wanted to know how soon I could have a breast reduction. Thanks.

A: It is clear from your writing that a breast reduction would be beneficial. The timing of any breast reshaping surgery after pregnancy depends on several factors. First consideration is that one has to have stopped breastfeeding. Second and most importantly, one’s breast size and shape should be stable. The breasts should have maximally involuted (shrunk) and sagged from the effects of pregnancy. This makes the breast tissue removal (reduction) and the accompanying lift to be best done without having the uncontrolled effects of these ongoing breast changes. Lastly and ideally, one should be certain that they are done with having children as this will have a negative effect on the long-term breast size and shape.

Breast reduction provides a consistent  improvement in the back, shoulder, and neck pain that frequently accompanies large breasts. Its improvement is a function of the weight reduction but can also be attributed to the repositioning of the breast tissue back and higher on the chest wall.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana