How Soon After An Otoplasty Can I Have It Partially Reversed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Below are some images taken today of an otoplasty I had last week.

As you can see, the ears have been “corrected” quite strongly, and I would like a more natural look.

(I am aware that with time the ears will distance somewhat from the head but am concerned that they’ve been “over corrected”)

Would it be possible to arrange a consultation at the earliest available opportunity to see if your surgery could partially reverse the overcorrection.

A:Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures,. I would not disagree with your concerns and the best time to manage those concerns is early when the otoplasty sutures can be released or redone…which would avoid a graft which is needed later when the cartilage memory has gone. My experience has been that the concerns you see now do not change later as the amount of relaxation is very minimal. I would assume this is something your surgeon would be willing to do now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana