How Should My Custom Skull Implant Be Shaped?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I just Skyped with you on Friday about the procedures that I need to have done on my forehead (forehead reduction) and the occipital bone. (occipital implant) I am going to call on Monday and pay for the implant so we can start the process for it to be made.  I just wanted to know what your idea was for the shape you were thinking would make a difference.  I know my head is way too small for my face, so I would like it to be as big as possible and go all the way down the sides of my head and the back at the crown and come up all the way to my forehead if that is possible.  Like you said without looking at my CT scan it is kind of hard to really see what the problem is at the back. But looking at the 3D CT scan you would be able to see how much forehead reduction is needed and how the rest of the skull could be augmented to match. Also just out of curiosity what is the implant made out of? Thank you again for talking to me. I look forward to having this done. I think it could change my life.

A: All custom skull implants are made of a solid but soft/flexible silicone material. Having done cases similar to yours before, I envision a horseshoe-shaped implant that augments the back and then wraps around the side of the head coming forward almost to the forehead. Just as you might imagine it is how it would be designed. The 3D CT scan will allow the fine details of extent and thickness to be worked out. Once you see the PDF file of the initial skull implant design it will become very clear to you as to how it would look.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana