How Safe Are Chin Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My question is in regards to the safety and security of chin implants. While I firmly believe such a procedure would improve my appearance my hesitation lies in the uncertainty of the implant being a permanent solution. To be specific my job is such that at times is of a physical nature and am worried that the implant could become dislodged. How is it kept in place? And are there certain implants designs that are better then others? Would hard impact to the chin or jaw cause it to become dislodged? Perhaps you know people in the Military who have had this done? My second line of questions are about the health risks of a foreign element placed in the body. Are there long term effects from having a implant inserted and is this something that once done should remain for life? Thanks for your time.

A: Chin implants, almost of any implant placed on the body, are the safest (less likely to have complications) in my long plastic surgery experience. There are a permanent chin augmentation solution as the material will never degrade. The implants are secured in place by small titanium screws so that they will never move or become dislodged. I have yet to have a case where a chin implant became dislodged or displaced because of trauma of any nature, including patients in the military. There are no health risks from performed silicone since it is a molecularly stable material that does not degrade or release any free silicone molecules.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana