How Realistic Is My Rhinoplasty Imaging Results?

Q: Dr. Eppley, While searching the internet I found a program that allows one to change things on their face. I have always been interested in having a nosejob so I went ahead and did my own picture. I really like how it turned out as I have always wanted a thinner looking nose. My question is whether you think I could get such a result from actual surgery. The skin on my nose is thick so I don’t know how realistic this program is?

A: Morphing or imaging programs are very valuable is aesthetic facial surgery, particularly in rhinoplasty surgery. Their accuracy in predicting achieveable results, however, is primarily determined by whom is doing the imaging. The computer software is just a tool and has no ability on its own to predict how body tissues will respond to surgical manipulations and healing. Only the user of the computer tools who is a rhinoplasty surgeon can use them to demonstrate results that may actually occur.

 What you have demonstrated by doing your imaging is what you would like. While I agree the change is very favorable, it is not realistic. One of the most difficult problems in rhinoplasty is the male with thick nasal skin. While the cartilage underneath the skin can be changed and reduced, the thick nasal skin often dampens what is seen on the outside. Realistically, you can achieve the amount of nasal thinning that is about half of what you have imaged.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana