How Often Does A Scalp Tissue Expander Need to Be Filled Before Getting A Custom Skull Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, we had discussed about my skull augmentation project a few months ago. I am coming back to you because I would like to make my project a reality.

During our last exchanges, you indicated that I would  need a scalp expander operation first and once this step is completed, the custom skull implant could be placed. I have several questions about this:

What would be your available dates to do this first procedure for me?

Can I swim in the pool and in the sea with the scalp expander device?

Is the device visible? Is it compelling to fill it every day?

Do you have pictures of the device installed on someone?

A: i  believe the basic concept was that in order to assure that you could achieve the amount of augmentation that you have shown on your one pictures  a first stage scalp expansion is necessary. The scalp expander and its indwelling port are under the scalp so activities such as swimming await the healing of the small incision used to place it but can be done with it in place.

The 3D CT skull scan is exactly what is needed to eventually fabricate a custom skull implant. The scan by itself does not tell us how to make the implant design but is the foundation on which it is designed. The frequency of inflation is usually every 2 to 3 days it that depends on the time between its placement and the date chosen as well as how much inflation volume is needed. The presence of the scalp expander is not usually detectable until its later stages of fill but also depends on one’s hair style as well. The goal of scalp expansion is to create the same volume as that needed of the designed skull implant. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana